Ross Brownson Master Reproduction Fish Taxidermist specialises in replica taxidermy fish mounts

At last you have caught the trophy fish that has only been a dream until now and whether you decide to release it back into the water or keep it, I can reproduce the fish so you relive the thrill of the catch every time you look at this replica fish with the 'just out of the water' realism that's hanging on the wall.
This method of taxidermy means your trophy lasts forever, looking exactly as it did the day it was caught – no skin shrinkage or colour fade and easily cleaned.

My work is of the highest quality and I individually craft each finely detailed mount by hand.

great white sharkToday's technology produces products that enables each mount to be a custom-tailored life size replica which will last forever and are light-weight and easy to display. Each fish is airbrush painted to match specific markings and colours in the photos provided by the client with the finer scale detail hand painted.

Also unique models of seals, New Zealand land and sea birds are created to the same exacting standard.

Contact me today to get a price – my charges are realistic and affordable.

I am classed as a Master Reproduction Fish Taxidermist with the New Zealand Taxidermy Association and have gained numerous awards over the years when competing in the NZTA national competition held in Taupo, New Zealand annually.

I live in Havelock, Marlborough, New Zealand. Click here to view the map to see where we are.

I grew up in Nelson with family weekend outdoor activities centered around fishing, diving and hunting which has given me an advantage of hands on knowledge for reproducing nature.

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